Top quality carpet installation and repair

It takes a experienced carpet installer to  produce a professional carpet repair. Tears, burns and wrinkles are easily fixed. Are carpet installation service is second to none. We have also been preforming carpet repairs since 1994. If your carpet is damaged due to pets we can help. Frayed or stained can be repaired tomorrow. Most carpet repairs cost under $100.00.  Don’t wait any longer. Stop the damage from getting worse.

I will restretch your existing carpet at a small fraction of replacement cost. Over the past 22 years. I have fixed every type of damage imaginable. Pricing for carpet repair work and or carpet installation can be conveniently priced over the phone.  During normal business hours.

Loose carpeting as shown below happens for many different reasons. Here are a few examples. Unprofessional carpet installation, excessive shampooing, and delamination.

Urine damage from pets. Is a major cause of deamination. The urine attacks the latex resulting in carpet backing delamination.

Simplified Explanation of Carpet Backing Manufacturing  4 Step process

Most carpets are manufactured as a four-component system consisting of the face yarn, primary back, secondary back and adhesive binder.

1)Face yarn may be of a natural or synthetic material the most common being nylon, polyester and olefin.

2) Primary backing is most commonly a pre-formed, tear resistant woven or non-woven polypropylene fabric. The yarn is stitched into this material in a process called tufting. As the yarn is sewn into the primary back it is either left as a loop of yarn so that a looped pile carpet is created or a blade cuts the loop to create a cut pile carpet. Sometimes only some of the loops are cut to create a cut and loop design. Beside providing a fabric to sew the yarn into, the primary back contributes to the dimensional stability of the finished carpet.

3) Bonding agent: The typical bonding agent is styrene-butadiene-rubber (SBR) latex adhesive. The adhesive secures the yarn that has been tufted into the primary back and binds the primary and secondary back together. On a tufted carpet the bonding agent is usually the only way that the yarn is locked into place.

4) Secondary backing: While some natural fabrics are still used, most commonly the secondary backing is a woven or non-woven polypropylene fabric. (THIS IS WHERE DELAMINATION OCCURS) This second backing is laminated to the primary backing using a bonding agent. The secondary backing adds dimensional stability to the carpet and makes it slide easier as the carpet is stretched during installation.


Carpet and Painting Pro is located in Tinley Park, IL. We Service all of the surrounding suburbs. Including but not limited to. Orland Park, Orland Hills, Palos Park, Palos Hills, Palos Hights, Homer Glen, New lenox, Frankfort, Mokenna, Matteson, Oak Forset, and many many more.

I can always be reached at (708) 431-0983 during normal business hours.

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